Advantages of the TurboSwing.

The TurboSwing makes your boat directionally stable and maneuverable and provides up to 20 hp more pull force. The tow bar is easy to install and protects the motor. The TurboSwing is suitable for all brands of outboard motors.

What model do I need?

We supply the TurboSwing for leisure activities, including water skiing, wakeboarding and fun tubing. For the professional (rescue) towing of boats and other floating objects, we supply the TowRescue.
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TurboSwing demo.

The TurboSwing gives you the ultimate water skiing, wakeboarding or fun tubing experience. The TurboSwing reduces fuel consumption and increases the safety of people in the water.

The tow bar from TurboSwing BV

TurboSwing BV is a young, international water sports company. We manufacture the TurboSwing tow bar, a unique and patented towing system for boats powered by an outboard motor. We focus on both the leisure market for water skiing, wakeboarding and fun tubing, and on the professional market for rescue operations and towing boats and other floating objects.

TurboSwing by type Maximum Tow load Horse Power indication Price
TurboSwing XM 200 kg 30 - 50 HP
TurboSwing XM Transom Mount 150 kg 30 - 50 HP
TurboSwing XL 300 kg 30 - 140 HP
TurboSwing XXL 300 kg 100 - 250 HP
TurboSwing GIANT 250 kg 150 - 350 HP
TurboSwing XL - Twin 350 kg 50 - 140 HP
TurboSwing XXL - Twin 350 kg 100 - 250 HP
TurboSwing GIANT - Twin 350 kg 50 - 140 HP